Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd’s range of highly efficient, modular and scalable UPS systems, designed specifically for data centre applications, has now been recognised by the Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL) for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA).

After being awarded inclusion for its PowerWAVE 6000, 8000 and 9000 UPS products, UPSL, a Kohler company, is now uniquely placed to assist customers in finding tailored solution for their specific requirements, whilst also reducing the impact of capital expenditure and on-going operating costs, as well as enabling increased efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

UPSL, recognised as a leading provider of power protection product and service solutions, revealed the list of UPS systems that have now been included on the ETL, which is operated and managed by the UK’s Carbon Trust.

As the fastest growing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialist in the UK, Borri Ltd has the widest range of UPS technologies. However, its expertise stretches much further than just back-up power systems and it has fast become recognised industry wide for its unique consultative approach to data centre projects.

In the latest statistics from UK government, ‘house building starts’ have risen by four per cent compared to last quarter, providing some encouragement to the market place that the economy is improving. With some shoots of recovery in the new build sector and summer just around the corner, there is no better time to consider the latest design considerations for the home environment. Here Jocelyn Mottram at Schneider Electric talks through some of the latest trends in wiring accessories.

When it comes to home improvement, design can be a very personal thing and so for an installer, understanding what shapes the hearts and minds of the consumer is a good place to start. As we enter into the spring and summer seasons the trend for home improvement really heats up, and for the style conscious homeowner it’s the opportune time to make design changes.

The release of Ofgem’s Energy Capacity Assessment, which predicts UK energy capacity could fall from 14% to just 4 % in just three years, highlights the value of long-term generator autonomy as an essential complement to a UPS’s ‘no break’ power protection capability. Here, sales director for Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Alan Luscombe, considers how to match a generator to the onsite UPS, critical load and environmental conditions.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) perform an essential role in protecting organisations that cannot tolerate any electrical power interruption. If the mains fails, the UPS’s battery seamlessly takes over until power is restored. However, UK electricity grid problems are increasing the likelihood of extended failures that could exceed the UPS battery’s available autonomy. A standby generator and fuel supply can solve this, but unlike a UPS, a generator cannot come online seamlessly when the power fails. Therefore a matched generator and UPS combination system is essential for truly uninterrupted, on-going power protection.

Arc-fault-tested protective equipment

Worldwide arc fault accidents are the predominant cause for accidents during work on electrical installations. In the event of an electric arc flash, workers are exposed to temperatures of more than 10,000°C. Severe burns, injury and death are the possible tragic consequences with the hand and head region particularly at risk of being burnt by arc faults.

Discover how 22 senior energy professionals from leading corporates including Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Sainsbury's, British Sky Broadcasting, Vodafone, Harrods Ltd, DECC, NHS Trust and Nando's are incentivising behaviour change, harnessing technological innovations and getting business case buy-in for fast paybacks and impressive cost saving through energy efficiencies at the annual Cost-Saving Energy Efficiencies Conference taking place on 19th June in London: www.theenergyconference.com

chainflex CC – the new production concept for custom cables from igus: custom cables configured online in minutes, batch sizes from 300m, manufactured in just three weeks

igus has long been known as an expert in the field of flexible cables and energy chain cable carriers.  igus has been developing and manufacturing its chainflex range of dynamic electrical cables since 1989.  Using certain design principles, chainflex cables are manufactured to work in constant flexing automation and robotic applications, and are guaranteed to last millions of cycles.

A new Commission Regulation has been published on 14 December 2012 in the Official Journal of the European Union1 that included new Ecodesign requirements for LED and directional lamps.

The new requirements apply to directional lamps (80 percent of light is within a solid angle of 120 degrees), LED lamps and lamp control gear, and also pertain to these devices when integrated into other products.

LED modules are exempt from these requirements if they are marketed as part of luminaires that are placed on the market in less than 200 units per year. The regulation also establishes product information requirements for special purpose products.

New EAGLE Tofino “Security Profiles” are a Simple Way to Protect Industrial Networks

Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, announces an update to the EAGLE Tofino Industrial Security Solution to include “Security Profiles”. Part of the EAGLE Tofino version 1.7 product release, this new feature addresses the post-Stuxnet trend of a dramatic escalation in the number of public disclosures of industrial control system vulnerabilities.

Under the direction of the third generation of a remarkable power engineering family, this privately owned group strives to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality, customer care and environmental responsibility. Engineering excellence, superior product performance and individual service have helped it to become a valued and trusted power solutions partner for some of the UK’s biggest companies. Having pioneered innovative super low loss amorphous technology in the UK Wilson Power Solutions are committed to help improve the energy efficiency of power distribution networks across the globe.


METMOTEC, the British specialist metering modem supplier, has launched modems for harsh environments.

The ‘ENDURANCE’ range has both PSTN and GSM modems powered either by mains or batteries and aimed at industrial and field applications with particular focus on industrial electricity meters used in substations. The GSM modem can provide GPRS operation with fixed-IP address SIM cards.


New deterministic Ethernet procedure for demanding applications

Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, is one of the pioneers of Industrial Ethernet in the EMEA region. The company’s experts are currently developing technological approaches for additional applications. They are working together with other specialists in a small team that was recently formed within the IEEE 802.1 Working Group, which is responsible for the worldwide standardization of Ethernet.

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