Following the rapid uptake of space in Everest Data Centre's first hall and having already surpassed the 40% occupation mark, the co-located facility in Reading is accelerating the development of its second data hall.

Continued interest in the new facility means that space is going fast and in anticipation of the imminent developments, Borri has been commissioned to fast-track the supply of a further two B9600FXS, 400kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units.

In order to address the most important industry challenges today, the latest product developments require a specialised and inter-disciplinary approach to provide high performance, reliable and cost-effective power solutions that are flexible enough to be scaled to meet the rapidly changing demands of data centres.

It may risk becoming an overused term but equipment obsolescence is a very real problem facing an increasing number of operators. Many of whom are reliant upon a mature electrical infrastructure often sweated well beyond the intended and designed life. However replacement, modernisation, upgrade, or simply repair and maintenance proves to be never as easy as it first sounds says Phil York general manager PBSI group

An electrical network; whether a distribution network on a housing estate, a petroleum refineries internal network, or the electrical power systems within a generating station all share one unifying truth. They are all part of the same utility service which when interrupted the effect can range from a downright inconvenience to an almost incalculable financial loss.

Technology is evolving around us at an ever-increasing rate and with this comes the challenge of making sure that these new technologies are effectively employed. Testo provides a holistic approach to test and measurement solutions, manufacturing technical instruments to cover the full spectrum of test and measurement requirements thrown up by modern day industry.

One of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of high and low voltage distribution equipment has announced major expansion plans for 2014

After seeing business flourish over the past two years, British firm Bowers Electricals will not only complete a redevelopment of its Derbyshire headquarters this spring, but will unveil a pioneering new product that is set to revolutionise energy saving in the industry.

After investing four years in its design and development, the Bowers Intellivolt will launch at April’s Nemex show at Birmingham NEC.

The patent pending device, which is the result of a collaboration with leading voltage optimisation manufacturer iVolt, sees the two companies’ cutting-edge technologies combined to produce the greatest efficiency savings to date.

Borri has played an integral role in the £2.25million development of Portsmouth University’s new modular data centre facility. The leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions provider was commissioned by award winning data centre and IT infrastructures specialist, Sudlows to supply three B9000FXS 300kVA UPS systems.

Faced with tough competition and following a rigorous tender process, involving exhaustive performance and efficiency tests, Borri’s UPS solutions came out as the perfect solution. The results demonstrated that Borri’s advanced B9000FXS systems not only deliver superior reliability and impressive efficiency savings but their sophisticated design also proved well suited to the innovative layout and structure of the University’s new data hall.

Omicron’s new Votano 100 is the first voltage transformer testing and calibration system to combine mobility (total weight less than 15 kg / 33 lbs) with the highest level of accuracy (precise calibration of voltage transformers with class 0.1). 

Voltage transformers in energy supply networks need regular tests and calibration in order to perform their protection and metering duties correctly. These tests, based on operator directives or national regulations, always required very complex and heavy test equipment in order to be accurate. This made the tests very time- and cost-intensive.

Transportable modular data centres and containerised solutions are used in a variety of industries. Darren Pearce, managing director at critical power specialist Powertecnique, explains how its new products, DataShelter and PowerShelter, differ from other containerised solutions

The Powertecnique Shelter range was developed as result of working with the military in Iraq and Afghanistan and with the oil and gas industries where portable power and data solutions are needed to operate in harsh environments. In order to help bring the products to the UK market, we commissioned a short Knowledge Transfer Partnership (sKTP) with the University of Portsmouth in order to identify new markets which could potentially use the product and then develop it to best serve them.  

The Shelter range takes the five basic elements of data centres and splits them between two packages. The first is DataShelter which offers server racks, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) and cooling equipment. Both the cooling solution and the UPS are built to incorporate an N+1 level of redundancy. The second container, PowerShelter, then contains all the necessary switchgear and a backup generator.

Siemens provides integrated solutions for all your electrical needs, from low voltage and 11kV systems through to high voltage 400kV networks. Our reputation is built on the solid foundation of delivery excellence and customer satisfaction. Combining civil, electrical and mechanical services into a highly integrated solution is our specialty.

Using accredited project managers, we deliver installation, commissioning and maintenance solutions ensuring the highest standards of health, safety and environmental practices are carried out.

Installation and commissioning

Metering is an essential part of building management systems and allows energy managers to understand how much energy a building is using. However, making sense of the data is often difficult with an increasing need to provide greater detail to where the energy is actually being used. Mike Lawrence of Havells outlines how to maximise your sub-metering installations, keeping them compliant and now with the addition of renewable energy, how to future-proof them too.

There has been an enthusiastic uptake of sub-metering in the UK since legislation was introduced to encourage it (Part L2 of the UK Building Regulations). This is to be applauded and it is satisfying how many are now recognising the benefits that a well-executed sub-metering installation offers. While this is good news and there are many examples of successful sub metering installations, there is now a large enough body of experience and data to ask whether these perceived benefits are actually being achieved and if not, why not, and what kind of equipment can help us do things better?

Our modern society is now largely built on a foundation of data. Health authorities, banks, government departments, retail outlets and almost every other organization that touch our lives rely on the safe storage of enormous amounts of data.

UPSL’s latest uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, the PowerWAVE 9500DPA, ensures this data is safe and accessible. A reliable UPS will guarantee a flow of continuous, clean power to the data centre, no matter what happens to the power supply. No critical data centre operates without an effective UPS. 

So reliant have we become on data that zero downtime is now often an essential aspect of data centre operation. To attain zero downtime, a continuous supply of clean power must be guaranteed and a key component in ensuring this is the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). UPSL, a Kohler company, a world leader in UPS technology and has a range of high-efficiency UPS products that cover all types of