The smart transformer has arrived, combining two proven technologies in one revolutionary package. Electrical Review takes a look ...

A leading British manufacturer of transformers, Bowers Electricals, will unveil a revolutionary new system this April.

The Bowers Intellivolt is the result of a four year research and development project with leading voltage optimisation specialists iVolt and combines the best of the two companies’technologies to offer what Bowers believes are the greatest energy-savings on the market.

The patent-pending device, which, crucially, is as compact as the rest of the Bowers range, offers customers the maximum possible electricity and carbon savings by integrating an award-winning voltage optimisation system into a Bowers B.E.S.T Super Low Loss distribution transformer.

In chemical, petrochemical and many industrial plants, potentially explosive areas develop frequently during the manufacturing, processing, storage, and transportation of flammable materials (e.g. gasoline, alcohol, liquid gas, explosive dust).

Special explosion protection measures must be taken in industrial sectors where gas, vapour, fog or dust occurs during the processing or transport of flammable substances which, in combination with a mixture of air, may present a dangerous explosive atmosphere.

Lightning currents and overvoltages in potentially explosive atmospheres

When assessing the risk for potentially explosive atmospheres, the following lightning related ignition sources should be considered:

One of the world’s leading satellite and digital communications companies has selected 1.2MVA of Borri B9000FXS uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to support its exclusive broadcasting equipment.

Working in close collaboration with ITE Projects, a specialist data centre design and build contractor Borri has supplied, installed and commissioned four B9000FXS 300kVA (UPS) units within two separate dedicated data rooms at a site in central London. Located in a newly built, state-of-the-art building the four transformer-based B9000FXS UPS systems were chosen for their proven power protection performance and ability to achieve industry leading efficiency, especially at part loadings which is essential in a redundant configuration.

With only a few weeks to go until the European Offshore & Energy Exhibition, event organiser DFA Media is optimistic the show will exceed expectations.

The newly launched event is part of the established co-location of DFA Media exhibitions – Fluid Power & Systems, Air-Tech, Drives & Controls, and The Plant & Asset Management Exhibition, all to be staged at the NEC Hall 3/3A, Birmingham, from 8-10 April 2014.

Borri has played an integral role in the £2.25million development of Portsmouth University’s new modular data centre facility. The leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions provider was commissioned by award winning data centre and IT infrastructures specialist, Sudlows to supply three B9000FXS 300kVA UPS systems.

Faced with tough competition and following a rigorous tender process, involving exhaustive performance and efficiency tests, Borri’s UPS solutions came out as the perfect solution. The results demonstrated that Borri’s advanced B9000FXS systems not only deliver superior reliability and impressive efficiency savings but their sophisticated design also proved well suited to the innovative layout and structure of the University’s new data hall.

Project Brief:

Transport for London (TfL) had a basic energy monitoring system in place at their Palestra offices, Southwark. This system was insufficient to provide TfL with the level of resilience and protection required at one of their most critical London sites. TfL needed to install a combined energy management and power quality management system, to provide detailed information and reports to their infrastructure team.

Site Specifics:

Within the building, TfL wanted full monitoring and control of the following;

In years of doing projects with G59 protection shentongroup have often come across some popular myths, so we seek to dispel them here:- 

“ I don’t need G59 Protection unless I intend to export power to the grid”.

Wrong.  If you have any form of generator where the output is connected to the electrical systems in your building, and thus to the grid, you must protect it with a G59 relay device.

This winter the UK has been hit by some of the most tempestuous weather conditions leaving thousands of businesses and homes without power and many out of pocket.

Following dramatic ‘Battered Britain’ headlines, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the risk to the nation’s infrastructure is higher than ever before and with weather conditions forecast to worsen, the UK’s power network remains under great threat. 

It is not just these weather warnings and natural risks to country’s power grid that are hitting Britain but staggering energy costs and increased pressures from the government for businesses to improve operational efficiencies are adding further cause for concern.

However, despite all the negative press that surrounds these issues, the emergency power industry is gradually re-evaluating its approach towards safeguarding the country’s infrastructure to ensure long term, reliable, clean power.

In partnership with Electrical Review, the UK’s leading provider of critical power protection solutions, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company, is offering you the chance to win one of 50 copies of the fourth edition of The UPS Handbook, the independent guide to modern UPS and critical power protection solutions.

The latest edition, which has been extensively updated for 2014, details current and future UPS technology and topology and sets the scene for the power protection industry over the next five years. The UPS Handbook is the power protection industry’s most highly respected guide to

Any shift in an organisation’s circumstances can result in significant changes to its data storage and processing requirements. In turn, this can have a knock-on effect on the UPS equipment used to support the critical load and maintain 24/7 availability. Combine this potential shift in demand with an aging, inefficient UPS system and there is often the opportunity to make significant savings to operating expenditure, energy consumption and carbon emissions through the use of the latest ‘green’ UPS technology,

As a world leader in the manufacture of diesel and gas generator sets, FG Wilson has become a ‘go-to’ company for data centre providers across the world. Reliability is paramount, with the slightest failure of a power system potentially leading to the loss of millions of pounds per hour. With almost 50 years’ experience and a global network of 370 Dealers in more than 150 countries, we have developed a reputation for world-class electric power product and expertise. It is this stellar pedigree and quality guarantee which has seen major data centre providers across the UK, Europe, South America and Asia turn to FG Wilson for their power support.    

Commenting on FG Wilson’s experience in providing power solutions for data centres, Tony McAllister, FG Wilson General Manager, said:

For more than half a century now, Janitza is manufacturing products that are always a little ahead of their time, starting with the world’s first electronic power factor controller with harmonic limit values and automatic step switching. Janitza introduce new technologies and combine existing applications to form convincing, intelligent products. This has brought us worldwide recognition. From Class A power quality analysers with EN-50160 checking through to complete energy data management systems: Janitza continuously set standards for the entire industry.