igus, the leading expert in dynamic cables for energy chains, now offers technical data sheets for over 1,100 of its chainflex cables. The data sheets, which are found for each chainflex cable available online at www.igus.co.uk/chainflex, provide engineers with detailed information, including cable cross-section drawings, electrical data and typical mechanical tests carried out in energy chains. 

“The cable cross-section drawings provide designers with a unique opportunity to see the layup of the individual cores within the overall cable structure, for example to assign connector pin-outs, explains igus director, Justin Leonard. “The technical data sheets also show details of the materials used in the cable construction including important ratings (e.g. UL, CSA, flame retardancy, NEK606 offshore rating) making choosing the right cable for any moving application even easier.”

Demand for electricity is increasing year on year – it is a global problem, not just related to the UK. Everyone expects to be able to have electricity as and when they need it, however, with increasing demand putting pressure on grid resources, it is inevitable that the existing supply networks will struggle to continue to meet requirements.

With this in mind, the number of independent energy producing applications that are looking at the grid/mains supply, is growing on a daily basis. These applications are primarily required to generate power for their own use when the mains supply fails, but an increasing number are choosing to supply surplus power back to the grid as a way of off-setting investment costs and to support growingenergy consumption demands. However, this can leave the private energy producers exposed to ‘islanding’ if a grid failure occurs down the line without their knowledge, effectively turning the private energy supplier into a ‘mini power station’ and potentially supplying electricity to other connected loads in the area.

New label printer combines a tough exterior with smart printing capabilities

Brady, a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, recently launched the BMP™21-PLUS Hand-held Label Printer for electrical, telecom, datacom and general industrial environments. The new printer combines a tough exterior with smart printing capabilities for wires and cables, terminal blocks, patch panels, flat surfaces and more. “BMP21-PLUS improves your labelling experience by bringing together the brains and the brawn needed to take on the day-to-day rigours of any job”, says Cindy Van den Bremt, EMEA Product Manager for mobile printing systems at Brady Corporation.

Tough on the outside

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Siemens retrofit circuit breakers have been specifically designed for seamless interface with existing Reyrolle panels, replacing outdated oil circuit breaker units with a modern vacuum circuit breaker.

This can be a simple retrofit to extend the life of switchgear by up to 20 years, minimising maintenance requirements, or as part of a comprehensive upgrade to enhance the ratings of installed equipment. Siemens can certify all ratings and performance documentation so that risks and uncertainty are avoided. Each retrofit unit is guaranteed to interface with installed panels using the same jigs and fixtures as used for the production of the original equipment.


With a significant built estate, Tesco’s commitment to achieve zero-carbon status by 2050 sets a tough challenge. That’s why the Tesco engineering team are focused on all areas of energy consumption to see where the organisation can introduce savings and streamline operations


Marco, a leading uPVC Cable Management Company, and the UK’s largest manufacturer of Steel Wire Cable Tray, is celebrating its tenth year in business.

Since launching in 2003, Marco has embarked on a continued journey of investment and development, resulting in an established market leading position. New innovations in Cable Management products, accessories and ranges have defined the company which is today the largest of its kind operating fully within the UK.

Eden Transformer Oil is a family owned and operated company that has over a quarter of a century’s experience in the inspection, analysis and maintenance of liquid insulated electrical equipment to British standards.

Working with your site engineers and facilities managers our inspection, sampling and maintenance services will ensure your equipment is inspected and maintained to the appropriate standards and therefore meets insurance, safety and environmental regulations

Rapidly growing demand for data capacity means that data centre power requirements are increasingly reaching megawatt rather than kilowatt levels. In this article, Kenny Green, Technical Support Manager at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company looks at how UPS providers can respond to this challenge while maintaining the availability and energy efficiency standards enjoyed by lower power installations.

Data centres are getting larger, sometimes dramatically so. In Langfang, China, construction is under way at the Range International Information Hub. When completed in 2016, this commercial data centre will become probably the largest in the world; covering 6.3 Million square feet, it will be nearly the same size as the Pentagon. Other data centres of a million square feet or more are already in existence across the US and other parts of the world.

Ensuring electricity supplies can be managed and maintained effectively is a key factor when planning distribution systems for critical infrastructure. Don Innis, Sales Manager at Lucy Switchgear looks at the considerations facing developers.

For all organisations where electricity supplies are critical, for instance in hospitals or airports, effective planning of electricity distribution systems is central to the management of supply. Heating and lighting systems are vital, as well as ensuring supply is maintained to critical equipment such as operating theatres, runway lights  or control centres. Interruptions can be costly and have serious consequences and therefore ensuring the security of the electricity supply is essential in the design of power distribution systems.

The inclusion of a back up supply as an integral part of the overall system is a valuable addition. One option is for Lucy Switchgear to be a lead supplier, along with the local power distribution network operator to introduce alternative feeds from the distribution network in accordance with the medium voltage demand required for the end user.

Northern Ireland construction company, Powerteam, is flying high with its latest investment of £200k in top-of-the-range protective clothing for its workforce as the company

responsible for making the garments also makes clothing for military pilots, including the Red Arrows.

Managing Director of Powerteam, which builds and refurbishes electricity substations and overhead lines, Alastair Dawson said: "Our employees work in

some of the toughest environmental conditions and remotest areas of the UK and Ireland. So they need clothing that offers protection from the elements but that still allows them to carry out their duties freely and without hindrance.

Extending the life of existing switchgear up to 25 years

Since the acquisition of Reyrolle in  2005, Siemens continues to support the Reyrolle installed base globally from Reyrolle’s original site at Hebburn in the North East of

England. An unrivalled portfolio of  products and services allows Siemens to offer complete original equipment manufacturer (OEM) capabilities that are fully supported by the latest manufacturing and research and development activities.