Leading manufacturer Kidde argues the case for installing heat alarms in all kitchens – interconnected to smoke alarms elsewhere – and carbon monoxide alarms too

The Fibox Arca range of glass reinforced polycarbonate, wall /pole mounted cabinets is now on the market and is already being specified by a number of Control Panel manufacturers and OEM companies who have identified the benefits of installing injection moulded products in areas where traditional sheet steel and GRP enclosures will corrode in time

Caught between a growing dependence on IT resources and a heightened concern over power grid reliability, organisations increasingly regard UPSs as critical components of their IT infrastructure. UPSs, however, call for a significant level of investment, so it is important to understand the true costs of UPS ownership and the factors that impact the total cost of ownership. In this article, Kenny Green, technical support manager at Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSL), a Kohler company, discusses these issues and shows how UPS costs can be mitigated by using modular UPS technology

Thamesgate has become one of the first UK service companies with engineers approved under a new certification programme from Riello UPS. Called ‘Certified Engineers’ the initiative is designed to protect Riello UPS clients from ‘rogue traders’ and ensure the right levels of support are channelled through a network of authorised service partners

Introducing prefabricated data centre configurations from 90 kW to 2 MW using stand alone modules

Undertaking a design-build data centre project can present a myriad of challenges. From performance and compatibility issues to cost overruns and missed deadlines, these challenges can significantly impact your business.

Predictable performance and faster deployment

The next level of highly efficient three-phase power protection has arrived ew Product

Balancing the trade-off between availability and efficiency has always been a challenge. The all-new Galaxy VM three-phase UPS from Schneider Electric eliminates this issue!

The Galaxy VM is the only UPS on the market with three modes of efficiency to deliver the availability and performance your business needs, along with lower energy and cooling costs through conservation. The offline ECO mode operates at 99% efficiency, and double conversion online mode offers 96.5% full protection.

Datacentre power protection has evolved. It’s now as much a matter of energy management as it is about securing electricity supply.

Today’s DCMs (data centre managers) need resellers who are more than just product suppliers. A good reseller will become a trusted and reliable partner, helping DCMs solve their power and energy problems, which in light of the huge influence of PUE and DCIM these days are many and various. Resellers should also be specialists and have their ear to the ground on the latest solutions and technologies. What are some of the other qualities today’s resellers should possess?

Advanced controls technology and the ability to get different systems talking to one another through an appropriate building management system (BMS) is a valuable tool when it comes to managing a cooling plant effectively and meeting energy efficiency objectives, which can quickly deliver a significant return on the initial investment. Alberto Zennaro, controls project manager, Airedale International Air Conditioning, explains

From industrial and commercial sites to data centres and computer rooms, the ability to seamlessly integrate and manage multiple building services can bring significant energy saving and operational benefits. A true BMS will bring together a building’s entire heating and cooling estate, from rack-based hot spot cooling and precision air conditioning systems which deliver cooling to business-critical data centres and computer rooms, to comfort cooling in offices and external dry coolers, chillers and air handling units (AHUs), in addition to wider site utilities such as UPS, generators, fresh air supply and fire suppression systems for example.

Reliable energy supply is the key to success for every enterprise in a globalised industrial world. Grid owners, utilities and industrial customers today face a number of unique challenges: expenditure cuts, loss of knowledge and expertise through retirement or downsizing. Furthermore operating ageing equipment at higher levels affects lifespan and reliability. Yet, customers are expected to maintain the same level of performance.

The need for condition monitoring solutions has never been greater than it is now. The ability to easily

So-called ‘dirty power’ caused by noise and harmonic distortions can severely impact the reliability of electronic equipment within production and process control environments.  These facilities are continually under pressure to maintain optimum availability by avoiding unexpected interruption and system downtime while at the same time guarding against unplanned increases in power consumption.

Hawker Siddeley Switchgear is proud to introduce its latest new product development, in the form of the South Wales Retrofit - SW12.

Hawker Siddeley's Hawkgas 12, along with South Wales Switchgears ‘C&‘D’ ranges, have proved their worth, time and time again, as stand out products. Having been in service for c.50 years and still have the ability to perform at the highest level today, is an incredible achievement.

However, with technological advances and excellent design capabilities, HSS have removed the need for oil or SF6 gas and incorporated the patented Magnetic Actuator, creating the SWR 12 vacuum circuit breaker.

The SWR 12 is built to last, with a life expectancy of 30 years and up to 10,000 operations, our customer can have confidence that this Circuit Breaker can not only meet, but exceed the expectations, set by its predecessors.