Manchester Metropolitan University has introduced a new high density data centre as part of a dual strategy to improve the reliability of IT services and reduce their environmental impact.

New EU legislation that requires transformers meet stringent energy efficiency targets is likely to drive up the price of some transformers. According to one of the industry’s leading manufacturers - Bowers Electricals - businesses that act quickly could save money as well as reducing their carbon footprint

Dell Solution Centres (DSC) focus on delivering technical customer engagements, building solutions across core domains and industry solutions, ISV certification and sales enablement activities. Each Solution Centre enables prospective customers to experience the full capability of Dell solutions to solve their IT challenges, meet their business requirements and maximise their technology budgets.

The 26 year old boilers at Sandcastle Water Park posed a number of risks to the day to day operation of the business. Energy costs had risen to over 40% of operating overheads in the last 5 years. The management needed to reduce energy consumption without limiting customer experience. Also, the facility was approaching the limit of available mains power, thus impeding future growth.

Recent adverse weather conditions across the UK have once again highlighted how factors we cannot control can disrupt business continuity. With 80% of businesses affected by a major incident, either never re-opening, or closing within 18 months, it is worrying to see that only 35% of SMEs have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. While Disaster Recovery (DR) is, at least theoretically, not a difficult process, it requires a sensible and diligent IT manager to devise a clear strategy and plan within the business.

To learn how to plan disaster recovery for your organisation, visit IP EXPO Europe at the ExCel London on the 8-9 October 2014.

Distributed or embedded generation is a hot topic at the moment. With more and more generation being connected those concerned with the stability of the network have to deal with increasing electrical power generation and distribution challenges.

The UK electricity supply network was originally designed to supply electricity in a one way system. Electricity was generated by a number of large power stations and delivered to the transmission grid for transportation over long distances to the distribution network, where the electricity was supplied to consumers locally. 

19-20 November, London ExCel

Driving performance and efficiency in any organisation that relies upon complex mission-critical ICT infrastructure is a major challenge. It requires multi-skilled professionals who need to understand ‘the data centre’ from an organisation’s many viewpoints, and who are adept at cross-discipline collaboration in order to drive effective results.

Mike Kelly, head of labelling at Brother UK, offers his advice on how labelling can support electricians in meeting industry regulations, keeping customers happy, and working professionally.

Keeping compliant with regulations

Brother has been working with the electrical industry for many years, and understands the various regulations that need to be adhered to. We also know that meeting these standards, as important as it is, can be a time consuming task. Over the years we’ve developed our label printers and range of tapes to ensure that our products enable electricians to comply with these regulations as efficiently as possible.

Hailed as the most successful Commonwealth Games to date, Borri was proud to have been chosen as a key provider of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions for the 2014 prestigious event.  

With only a tight timeframe to deliver, the leading power specialist supplied a total of 458 individual Borri UPS units ranging between 1kVA through to 80kVA, to over 19 sites. Delivery to the various locations required precision planning and timing, which was expertly handled by all parties involved.

The majority of the order comprised a selection of Borri rackmountable, rotation UPS systems. The battery backup runtimes required for the different units ranged from 5 minutes to six hours, depending on the standby generators supplied by others. The B300 Rotation and B400 Rotation series from Borri is a high efficiency, flexible single phase solution. Its versatility makes it one of the most highly sought after solutions from Borri. 

A vital component of any integrated power solution is the quality of engineering support behind the facility.  A holistic approach is important; the selection of the right partners in terms of supply, installation and commissioning - as well as for the ongoing servicing of a facility – reduces an organisation’s risk significantly and optimises a system’s ongoing performance.

UPSs that effectively protect their critical load from mains power failures and disturbances are essential to modern data centres. To successfully fulfil this role in today’s business conditions, they must do so while offering near-perfect availability, high efficiency and easy scalability. In this article, Kenny Green, technical support manager at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPS Ltd), a Kohler company, looks at how available UPS topology allows data centre operators to meet these exacting requirements

Significantly extending the life of existing Reyrolle switchgear

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Siemens retrofit circuit breakers have been specifically designed for seamless interface with existing Reyrolle panels, replacing outdated oil circuit breaker units with a modern vacuum circuit breaker.