Due to their exposed installation sites and large collection areas, Photovoltaic (PV) installations are at a high risk of damage due to both direct and indirect lightning strikes. Since the PV system is connected directly to the building electrical system, the subsequent damage and disruption from these surges can cause serious damage to PV installations, expensive inverters and the building electrical system. Damage is not only limited to potentially high repair costs but also loss of service and important revenue for Solar Power plants.

Implementing prefabricated data centres results in well understood benefits, such as speed of deployment, predictability, scalability and lifecycle cost. However, many of the practical considerations when deploying prefab infrastructure are less well known. Understanding the unique aspects of data centre projects is crucial to avoiding delays, unnecessary costs and, possibly, inefficient operations.

This update identifies the key features of the directive and the government's proposed light-touch approach to its implementation.Those interested in the detail can find the key requirements for ESOS in Article 8 and the associated Annexes of the EED. Those who have not read the directive cover-to-cover will be interested in attending the Environment Agency briefing and the “Practical Implications of ESOS” expert panel, to be held on 19 November at EMEX, The Energy Management Exhibition, Excel London 19-20 November 2014.

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Today nearly all businesses depend on technology to enable day?to?day as well as critical operations. This combined with increasing economic pressures, sustainability concerns, and energy costs is driving changes in the way data centres are deployed. Our broad portfolio of prefabricated solutions delivers the speed and efficiency to relieve these pressures.

FG Wilson is continuing to strengthen its position as a leading global manufacturer of diesel and gas generator sets with the launch of its new F model range.