Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions specialist, Power Control (PCL) will be making its exhibition debut under its new brand identity at this year’s Data Centre World Conference & Expo. 

Taking up prime position at the centre of the Excel arena, at stand D55, PCL will be featuring some of its most recent data centre projects and presenting a wide selection of UPS systems.

Omicron's new Montrano online monitoring system is focused on assessing the dielectric health of power transformers under load. The system records changes in capacitance (C), dissipation/power factor (DF/PF), partial discharge (PD) and transient over-voltages. These are primary indicators of insulation breakdown, which can lead to dielectric failure in bushings and transformers.

FG Wilson’s health sector prowess has once again been demonstrated by the successful delivery of a vital power solution for a major new medical centre in Russia by Technoserv AS, one of FG Wilson’s worldwide network of 370 Dealers.

Technoserv AS recently completed the commissioning and installation of the gas generator sets and combined gas heat exchanger systems for the power station of the Hospital VIT in Nizhny Tagil City, a large city in the Ural District of Russia.

Protection: this word means – a person or thing that protects someone or something. The synonyms are defence, shielding, preservation, safeguarding, safety, insurance, indemnity etc. 

NIEL is an expert in protecting equipment and systems connected to electricity and power. It becomes more challenging for anyone to provide a solution when system design is complex or the equipment is sophisticated.

Fit for purpose garments protect workers from deadly flashover

Electric arc flash or electrical flashover is one of the most deadly and least understood hazards of electricity and it is prevalent in most industries.

EAL is a company with electricity running through its veins. The specialist awarding organisation – that has helped more than 500,000 people from a variety of sectors embark on one of its qualifications over the last two years

The meeting place of the Energy Supply&Chain Energy costs are rising and legislation is changing - this presents a huge financial challenge for organisations. With Exhibitors such as British Gas, RWE nPower, SSE, RBS Group, The Energy Institute and Honeywell, EMEX