Two centuries after the humble transformer was invented, Anthony Hall, senior transformer designer and engineer at Bowers Electricals, looks at how far technology has come...

In 1831, Michael Faraday conducted a series of experiments that effectively demonstrated the principle of electromagnetic induction.

As part of a major project to allow the ISIS Synchrotron Particle Accelerator* at Harwell’s Rutherford Laboratory to move forward into the 21st century with new and innovative research projects, the power supply for the magnets that contain the proton beams and accelerate them to 84% of the speed of light, is being up-graded.

When space in the control cabinet is at a premium there are significant benefits to sourcing products that deliver all of the functionality in a compact design. With a housing width of just 45 mm, Wieland’s samos PRO COMPACT is clearly the safety control of the next generation

While advances in the general lighting technology are heavily publicised, it is easy to overlook the similar advances that have been made in emergency lighting. James Beresford of Mackwell highlights the key factors for specification

FG Wilson dealer delivers power solution for Parkovaya & Madek, an official FG Wilson Dealer in the Ukraine and one of FG Wilson’s worldwide network of 370 Dealers, has successfully completed the delivery of a stand-by power solution for the largest commercial data centre in Ukraine.