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Reliable energy supply is the key to success for every enterprise in a globalised industrial world. Grid owners, utilities and industrial customers today face a number of unique challenges: expenditure cuts, loss of knowledge and expertise through retirement or downsizing. Furthermore operating ageing equipment at higher levels affects lifespan and reliability. Yet, customers are expected to maintain the same level of performance.

The need for condition monitoring solutions has never been greater than it is now. The ability to easily obtain information that will enable accurate prediction of intervention time and clear guidance of the intervention required means that you can face these unique challenges with greater confidence.

All in one

OMICRON's CIBANO 500 is the first 3-in-1 test system to combine a precise micro-ohmmeter, a multi-channel timing analyzer, and a powerful coil and motor supply in a single, lightweight device (20 kg / 44.1 lbs). This enables all standard tests to be carried out on all types of circuit breakers, either with power supplied by the station battery or by CIBANO 500.

Software-supported testing

CIBANO 500 is controlled via OMICRON's proven Primary Test Manager (PTM) software. The PTM actively guides the user through the entire testing process. Once testing is complete, the user is promptly provided with a clearly structured test report, which combines all results in a single document, displayed as either a diagram or a table.

A resilient system for data centre power protection and security is critical to business continuity and resilience. That’s a given. Although there are various elements to a full turnkey standby power solution including; UPS systems, battery banks, power distribution networks, switch gear, bulk fuel storage etc, we’ve chosen to focus the attention on generators in this article, which is undoubtedly the keystone to the power support structure.

But what should you consider in the specification and installation of standby generators? To read the full article on all seven steps go to:

A survey of data centres decision-makers has found that their key priorities for introducing new technologies and solutions are availability, energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and future-proofing for expected IT growth. Here, Kenny Green,technical product manager at UPS Ltd, a Kohler Company looks at how these priorities can be met for data centre UPS systems up to 1 MVA by specifying modular solutions such as UPSL’s PowerWAVE 9000DPA Series

Data centres are continuously being called on to support ever larger and more critical loads, while being more efficient in doing so. Operators are introducing new technologies and solutions to meet these challenges, but what are their key metrics for success? To answer this, a survey has been conducted across over 4000 decision makers involved in the design, construction and operation of critical data centres across North America and EMEA to identify their views on these key priorities.


In today’s changing world, there is one thing that is certain: power capacity and efficiency requirements are continuing to grow and, in parallel, are becoming increasingly difficult to forecast.

Facilities and operations managers face real challenges in terms of optimising power availability and energy performance as it is so often impossible to predict exactly when – and where – additional power will be needed.

Flexibility in turbulent or unpredictable environments is vital - and for those managing critical power supplies in electrical, data centre, ICT and networking arenas, taking positive steps in order to mitigate against uncertainty is imperative for success.

Market leader, Socomec, has invested in product development to help manage the growing uncertainty that is inherent within the critical power industry.

Interview with Gamatronic UK’S general manager Meir Malinsky

Meir, Who is Gamatronic, please give us a little bit of feedback about the company: 

Gamatronic is a worldwide manufacturer of Power Equipment: UPS, AC-DC  Power Systems,  DC-AC Inverter systems as well as customised UPS for markets like data centres, marine, oil and gas and others. All Gamatronic products are researched, developed, engineered and manufactured in house by Gamatronic.  Gamatronic operates globally in over 80 countries but with a very locally oriented philosophy. Gamatronic UK – owned 100% by Gamatronic International – also follows this orientation to specialise in local needs. It was founded in 2001, meaning we have had a presence in the UK market for over 12 years now. Since I took the helm 2 years ago a lot of changes have taken place in the company regarding product, pricing and technical support. For the better of course.

You are known on the market more for modular UPS manufacture? Is this true ?

There is now increased pressure on businesses to improve energy efficiency, to reduce carbon footprint and most importantly to lower operational costs.

Why not let us help you to achieve that by installing a Slaters Super Lo:Loss transformer?

Modifying your sites MV supply infrastructure is a guaranteed way to reduce your power consumption and therefore your energy and operational costs If your incoming site voltage is high and your transformers are a standard loss type, replacing these with modern energy efficient equivalents will lower output voltage to the most efficient level and reduce wasted energy created by the losses of the transformer in the process.

We Brits are a nation of DIYers, and every weekend the home improvement stores are full with people buying tools and equipment to use at home. Most of us can competently turn our hands to painting or hanging a few pictures, but the same cannot be said for dealing with electricity. Plumbing, electrical jobs and anything involving gas are most definitely better left to the properly qualified professionals, and there are several good reasons for getting a contractor in rather than attempting to rewire your house or install a new cooker yourself.

When it comes to electrical safety in the home, the role of the electrician is paramount in helping to not only ensure a safe installation but also in the education of its residents. Here Deepak Sharad, marketing engineer at Schneider Electric, talks through the benefits of its latest circuit protection solution Easy9 and the importance of combining efficiency and safety.

Here in the UK we have become huge fans of electronic gadgets and appliances and while manufacturers have developed more energy efficient products and solutions, consumers are simply buying more of them. As we become more and more reliant on electrical gadgets within our everyday lives, it may come as no surprise that the Energy Saving Trust estimates ‘around one third of household energy bills and over a quarter of household carbon dioxide emissions’ can be attributed to electrical appliances.

Borri Ltd’s customers can now benefit from advanced remote monitoring software, which can be accessed remotely through a dedicated IP address. Said to be one of the most user friendly interfaces on the market, the software is easily integrated onto computer systems and works via USB and LAN portals.

One of the most impressive features of the software is its ability to study and report on multiple UPS systems located on the same site, giving users instant access to all critical information. The intelligent programme has been designed to deliver total user control, providing monitoring and management advantages including the independent shutdown and restart of UPS parameters. Management tools also include the scheduling of UPS system tests.

For hassle free power consumption measurement and to help calculate the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of the total site or of individual systems, users can easily keep track of data logs for input

and output frequencies and battery voltages.

When it comes to a home installation, whatever the size, it’s the smaller details that can make all the difference. In a tough market place, this has never been truer so from installer schemes to the latest apps, it’s important to stay equipped with all the latest tools for the job. Here Tim Barber, customer marketing manager at Schneider Electric talks through some of the latest offerings

Loyalty schemes are one tool that contractors can utilise to help them in their day-to-day jobs but also on a personal level to bring a whole host of benefits. With prizes and rewards up for grabs, schemes can also help and support contractors through business and personal development.

For those looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of key issues and solutions within the marketplace for example, there are a number of potential opportunities for the electrician. From the free online courses available to all, through the Schneider Electric Energy University, to fully accredited CPD training courses held across the country, there’s an option to meet the needs of every installer.

In a modern world where businesses are required to operate 24/7 encompassed with the growth of IT systems and the age of the internet, there has been a massive shift towards a data lead, paperless office, collaborating in an online virtual world. This in conjunction with the closure of many power plants and a lack of power available from the power grid means that electrical power supplies are coming under increasing pressure.

In turn, this is increasing the need of for reliable temporary power solutions to keep whole facilities ticking over in the event of power failure.