Vacuum circuit breaker


Hawker Siddeley Switchgear is proud to introduce its latest new product development, in the form of the South Wales Retrofit - SW12.

Hawker Siddeley's Hawkgas 12, along with South Wales Switchgears ‘C&‘D’ ranges, have proved their worth, time and time again, as stand out products. Having been in service for c.50 years and still have the ability to perform at the highest level today, is an incredible achievement.

However, with technological advances and excellent design capabilities, HSS have removed the need for oil or SF6 gas and incorporated the patented Magnetic Actuator, creating the SWR 12 vacuum circuit breaker.

The SWR 12 is built to last, with a life expectancy of 30 years and up to 10,000 operations, our customer can have confidence that this Circuit Breaker can not only meet, but exceed the expectations, set by its predecessors.

Key benefits to retrofit

  • Superior, proven ‘fit & forget’ technology with minimal maintenance;
  • Remove the need for high capacity auxiliary supplies.
  • No civil works required and existing HV cabling remains undisturbed.
  • Lower owner costs through virtually no maintenance requirements and increased switchboard life expectancy.
  • Uses existing design of primary and automatic secondary contacts.
  • In addition to the retrofit of the circuit breaker Hawker Siddeley Switchgear can offer a morecomplete system solution to enhance the control and automation of the distribution network.

The SWR 12 is fully compliant with the following ENA specifications;

ENA Technical Specification 41-36 Issue 3, Parts 1, & 2: 2012

ENA Technical Specification 50-18: 2008

ENA Technical Specification 50-19: 2003