ZX1.5-R is the primary switchgear choice for railway power distribution


ABB’s ZX1.5-R primary medium voltage GIS (gas insulated switchgear) solution has been developed to meet the specific needs of railway applications. Its design is the latest evolution in the ZX family of switchgear that is well established in industrial and utility installations, and it inherits all the key features of this well proven platform.

ZX1.5-R is ideally suited for 2 x 25 kV electrified networks on high speed lines, and can also be offered for 1 x 25 kV networks if required. To provide a complete ‘plug and play’ installation, the ZX1.5-R can be offered as part of ABB’s compact substation solution portfolio that comprises all the medium and low voltage switchgear, protection equipment and battery backup systems housed in a robust steel container.

Compact design
The ZX1.5-R GIS switchgear is based on modular and flexible single busbar two-phase panels developed by ABB to address the highly specific power supply requirements of 25 kV AC electrified railway infrastructure. The new GIS switchgear uses up to 70% less space than other conventional products. The switchgear is factory filled with SF6, which is well known for its excellent insulating properties, this eliminates the need for gas handling on site during installation and commissioning, reducing both risk to personnel and environmental concerns.

With fewer maintenance requirements, customers are able to lower their total investment and operating costs. The deployment of ZX1.5-R in substations can help provide safe and reliable power along the entire rail line and it is already in application in major global projects such as China’s high-speed railways.

High availability and reliability
The ZX range utilises a design which enables higher MTBF (mean time between failure) and lower MTTR (mean time to recovery) to be realised, due to the individual gas compartments per panel. This allows a panel to be removed from a switchboard, and then the switchboard re-energised, without the need for any SF6 gas handling.

Network Rail Acceptance
In 2011, ZX1.5-R units were given Trial Approval Status by Network Rail, which permits the procurement and installation of the equipment at specific sites. On successful completion of the trial, ZX1.5-R switchgear should receive Full Product Approval from the Network Rail Acceptance Panel  (NRAP).

Key ZX1.5-R features

•    Modular, compact and flexible design with plug-in technology

•    Arc resistant design, classified AFLR 31.5 kA, 1 second, according to IEC 62271-200

•    Single busbar system, for single- and two- phase 25 kV system applications, derived from proven three-phase standard panels from ABB ZX family

•    Vacuum switching technology with proven VD4 operating mechanism

•    'Sealed for life' SF6 insulated panel

•    Suitable for advanced or classic protection and control schemes