Advertisement feature – Flywheel enabled UPS from Riello UPS is 99% efficient and smart grid ready


Riello UPS is proud to launch its new Master MHF series - a modular, scalable power protection system for ECO-targeted data centres.

The Master MHF series is ideal for data centres looking to reduce their carbon footprint while optimising their investment in power protection.

Most importantly it is 99% efficient and smart-grid ready and allows large data centres to move away from the traditional use of batteries.

Robin Koffler, general manager at Riello UPS (UK) said: "In a traditional UPS, back-up power is provided by a battery pack.

"The Master MHF series utilises the kinetic energy of a flywheel to provide sufficient runtime to ride through short duration mains failures and start a generator set.

"For installations subjected to frequent short-term disruptions, the flywheel module provides protection against ‘glitches' or outages - shielding the UPS batteries from excessive discharge, extending the battery life and reducing the associated costs."

The Master MHF provides a number of advantages over more traditional battery enabled systems, including increased efficiency, a compact footprint, lower total cost of ownership and instantaneous recharge time.

In sites with emergency generators, the Master MHF series can also be used as a source of clean, stable power - bridging the gap between generator start up, and ultimately adding a further level of protection.

This also makes the system ideal for use in containerised power centres. Robin added: "The Master MHF series is another example of Riello UPS offering its clients, reliable turn-key solutions to their immediate power protection requirements.

"But as a Smart-grid ready UPS product, the Master MHF system will also be able to meet the challenges and opportunities that the power networks of the future offer us."

Available from 100-500kVA, and supplied in matching cabinets, the Master MHF series is designed with a high charge/discharge rate (without degradation) and boasts a 20 year design life. Battery extension packs can also be added for additional runtimes.

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