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Remote circuit breaker racking from CBSArcSafe
On average in the US there are about 2,000 arc flash victims sent to burn centres every year. The goal is to reduce these injuries by protecting workers from electrical arc hazards in the workplace. While there are many different methods that can be used to accomplish this, increasing working distance is the best, safest, and in many cases, the most cost effective mitigation method available

What is an arc flash?
An arc flash is a voltage breakdown of the resistance of air, resulting in an arc which can  occur where there is sufficient voltage in an electrical system and a path to ground or lower voltage. An arc flash with 1000 amps or more can cause substantial damage, fire or injury. An arcing flash can release tremendous amounts of concentrated radiant energy at the point of the arcing in a small fraction of a second resulting in extremely high temperatures, a tremendous pressure blast, and shrapnel hurling at high velocity. ( )

What is PPE?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, goggles, or garment designed to protect the personnel's body from injury by impacts, electrical hazards, heat, and chemicals for job-related occupational safety and health purposes.

What is distance?

The distance from an arc flash source within which an unprotected person has a 50% chance of receiving a second degree burn is referred to as the "flash protection boundary". Remote operators or robots can be used to perform activities that are high risk for arc flash incidents like racking breakers on a live electrical bus.  (Homce, Gerald T. and James C. Cawley - Understanding and Quantifying Arc Flash Hazards in the Mining Industry. NIOSHTIC-2 No. 20032720. U.S. DHHS, CDC, NIOSH. Accessed October 27, 2008) By allowing more distance between the personnel and the switchgear you increase the personnel's safety. 

What is remote racking?

The CBS ArcSafe remote racking system enables service personnel to stand outside the arc flash protection boundary while racking low and medium voltage draw-out circuit breakers, in or out, while reducing the need for a full-body arc flash hazard suit. The remote racking system is new to the UK and Europe and has a design that has been in the US for many years helping companies with safety concerns. The CBS ArcSafe remote racking system is an advancement in operational safety for switchgear operations that allow personnel to be safer on the job. By permitting the automatic racking of the circuit breaker from a remote location, the CBS ArcSafe remote racking system replaces the manual racking operation and removes the operating personnel from manual contact with the circuit breaker. This remote racking system allows personnel to be six to 40 Metres away from the switchgear while racking the gear.  When moving the personnel outside of the arc flash hazard boundary you are removing the operator from potential burn and blast injuries if an arc flash occurs.

The unique universal fully adjustable design of the CBS ArcSafe remote racking system, with its specially manufactured drive shafts and couplings, enable the system to be used with all types of circuit breakers produced by the major switchgear manufacturers. It can be used with any drawout type of air, SF6, oil and vacuum circuit breakers that have either a horizontal or vertical racking operation.

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- Remote operation places operator outside the arc flash protection boundary

- Use with low and medium voltage circuit breakers produced by all the major switchgear manufacturers

- Use with horizontal and vertical types of air, SF6 & vacuum circuit breakers

- Height and angle of the drive is easily adjusted

- Quick release drive shafts & couplings simplify setup

- Over-racking protection is provided

- UL and CUL Listed

- Hand-truck design provides easy mobility

- Stair climber rails for ease of moving up and down stairs

- Wireless video camera, monitor and 24V LED light for ability to view breaker while racking at a safe distance

- Redundant AC/DC power to ensure reliability



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