The new from Olson Electronics


Olson Electronics has recently released its new website to enable purchasing of its products online for the very first time. The website is a significant improvement from their previous version and has been released in-line with their 55-years of British manufacturing celebration. With Olson being the market leader of PDUs and highly regarded within the industry, I can already see this will be welcomed by all of Olson’s current and future customers.

Not only is the new site much more aesthetically pleasing with a modern look, it also features an integrated easy navigation system to enable their customers to quickly find the product they need.

Whilst offering the largest PDU product range on the market, it can often be difficult to pin-point the one product a customer requires for a specific application and the new website overcomes this. Thankfully it has responded to customer feedback, making this task a lot quicker and easier.

It caters for quick navigation to the socket, plug / inlet, orientation or switching requirement you’re looking for within a power distribution unit, with further filtering to find the exact product thereafter. You can view its individual ranges or just show every product listed and filter down from there. It also has an advanced search to lookup all of the attributes of a PDU you need and display the results immediately.

Although it only showcases Olson’s standard products, its bespoke service is still very prominent within the site, offering an immediate messaging service to their own sales office. Product information and specification have never been so detailed. Every product has an abundance of information to answer the questions you need answering, to then easily assist in further assurance that you’ve found what you need.

In short, this is a benefit for all, allowing contractors to freely find and order or detail their product requirements with quick response.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Olson Electronics at your convenience to find out more.

020 8905 7273