Boddingtons Power Controls


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Boddingtons Power Controls  (BPC)  is a specialist electrical engineering company   concentrating on  the manufacture of power factor control relays. These controllers have been used by the UK  PFC industry for the last 35 years.  They have an excellent name for reliability and technical back up. The latest  model  CXPLUS  measures the kvar  value of each step as it is switched  and stores this in its memory.  This enables  kvar  steps of different value to be connected and switched in/out to match the changing reactive load requirement. The CXPLUS also displays voltage harmonics up to the 19th as well as all measured electrical values including true rms and 50hz power factor.

The manufacturing base is in Dunmow – Essex – CM6  1XG.
Capacitor switching Contactors ,Harmonic blocking reactors and cpaciotr racks for switchboard rated at  25-50 100 kvar are all  in stock.

Other products supplied and installed by BPC include the UMG 97 panel mounted multi-meter  with plug-in modules for pulse and modbus.  Real time values can be transmitted over the internet and CSV files downloaded to record  electicty – water and gas consumption.

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