Allegro MicroSystems Europe has announced two new adjustable linear current regulators for driving automotive LED arrays.  Allegro’s AEC-Q100 qualified A6274 and A6284 devices include many new features designed to further enhance the existing family of linear LED drivers. 

Commenting on the move, Mark Needham, Fulham’s European vice president for sales said, “This reflects Fulham Group’s strategy for Europe in that we have a meaningful European presence including a design centre for developing LED drivers for the market and the people to better serve our growing European distributor and OEM customer base. Europe is a key market for LED luminaire design and having a team of engineers in the Netherlands allows us to more quickly respond to market trends”. He added, “This is an exciting time for us to fully market our now much expanded range of top quality LED drivers and promote the Fulham lighting brand across Europe”.

Scolmore has added two new products to its lighting range. The iNELS RFDEL-71F dimming control and the iNELS RFSA-61F switching control, are part of Scolmore’s Flow range of lighting management products, and they introduce Click iNELS wireless technology to the Flow system, to offer a simple to install solution to adding dimming and switching control to lighting products.

The new MONGEMO on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring system from Omicron 
continuously assesses the dielectric condition of stator insulation in rotating machines under load, such as turbo generators, hydro generators and electrical motors. The permanently-installed system collects and analyses PD data over time and identifies insulation defects that could lead to dielectric failure and machine outages.

Elia, the power transmission system operator in Belgium, has selected a permanent on-line partial discharge (PD) cable monitoring system from Omicron for its Stevin project. This project is a major undertaking by Elia to reinforce the high-voltage (HV) power grid in Belgium’s Flanders region. Installation of the Omicron cable monitoring system will start in the spring of 2016.

Security products supplier, ESP, is expanding its Aperta range of access control products with the launch of the new Aperta Audio 2-Wire Kit (APKITAO), which is designed to satisfy demand within the entry level segment of this growing sector.

Panduit Corp., a leading global provider of data centre solutions, today announced the launch of its new HD Flex 2.0 Fiber Cabling System. Engineered to provide high fibre density and serviceability for high-performance data centres, HD Flex 2.0 will debut at Cisco Live 2016, July 10-14, in Las Vegas.

What are the sensing elements of smart plastics?

There are five tried and tested sensing systems that are used by isense for predictive maintenance to eliminate downtimes.

Power management company Eaton has developed a portfolio of energy storage solutions across a full spectrum of sectors, from residential and commercial markets, through to large industrial and grid-scale applications.

The conference brought together industry experts, end users, business partners and integrators from all over Europe to share their insights on the opportunities and challenges in the new ICT eraThe conference brought together industry experts, end users, business partners and integrators from all over Europe to share their insights on the opportunities and challenges in the new ICT era.

As modern business becomes increasingly reliant on 24/7 IT services, data centres are obliged to ensure that they can provide resilience and keep  working under all circumstances. This in turn means they must be prepared for exceptional events or emergencies and have plans in place to maintain continuous operation. Despite best practices being observed during site selection, extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy have shown that facilities may at any time be exposed to risks above and beyond hazards those from which they are normally protected.

Mackwell Electronics has launched XYLUX® LS, a high performance self-contained LED emergency luminaire that delivers 3 hours rated emergency output.  XYLUX® LS can be tailored to the exact needs of the project, thanks to an intelligent selection of technology bases and fascia’s that can be combined to create a product that fits the application.

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